The Big League

After Tuesday night’s game against George Washington, Chaparral took their fourth straight loss and are now winless when it comes to playing in a Chaparral gymnasium. However, a huge 13 point victory over Hinkley might just be the spark they needed. The now (3-10) Wolverines have struggled but their last win is a glimmer of hope. Still, with a loss in a must win game against Liberty and a dismal performance at home, you could say they’ve had some problems when it comes to playing in Parker.

But fear not! Because league play is starting up, and with some big wins and a little luck Chaparral could be headed to their 7th consecutive year. You’re probably thinking two things can happen,

1. We get crushed- Which is something that can end up being a likely possibility. 3 of the 5 starters on varsity are freshmen. For the past eight weeks they’ve been playing their first high school games against some of the best teams in the state. Teams Chaparral struggled beating last year with a complete team of seniors.

2. We win and go to the playoffs- Okay, maybe this seems a bit out of reach but i mean it’s possible. I may be a bit of an optimist but I can see Chaparral pushing their way to a playoff spot. Even with a 3-10 record the Wolverines can get a playoff berth with a 7-3 record in league play. With 5 games at home and with a win last game against Hinkley, they’ll have some momentum assuming they can beat a weakened Highlands Ranch team when playing at home.

Chaparral has had arguably one of the toughest schedule compared with teams in the Continental league.  It won’t be easy but it is possible. If Chaparral can find a way to shake their winless record at home, this Chaparral crowd and an offense that is proving to get better. The offense is becoming more efficient, and this zone defense is starting to pay off.

-Kyle Potts

The Big League

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