Wow………I’m just speechless right now. The Chaparral girls took a whomping 55-38 victory, yesterday over Chatfield. I’m speechless to say the least. The girls took a big 18-7 lead at the end of the first and it didn’t stop there. Everything seemed to work well for the team. The only problem I had were some questionable passes and some unnecessary turnovers. But besides that the team was playing great! It was just great team basketball. Everything well fundamentally done and it looked like true basketball.

Honestly, Chatfield had no chance beating this team. And especially in their home gym. Every girl was on it last night and providing huge plays that helped the team continue on to 4-0.

There’s a reason why this team is 4-0, and that’s because the 5 girls on the floor work as a well oiled machine. Passing seems to be a lost art in the game but tonight it was the deciding factor in how well this offense could produce points. As past Soviet hockey coach said, Anatoli Tarasov believed in, i”t’s not the player with the puck/ball that decides where it is going.” That’s the style of basketball needed to be successful. Ball movement works only when players without the ball are moving.

With another triumphant victory, there’s no doubt that this is the team to watch. Second ranked in the state and they’re only getting started. And plus, they look like they’re all having fun! You can’t help but seeing Emma Hayden’s huge smile seen every time she runs down the floor. And who wouldn’t be happy with Margaux Bess’ 17 rebounds! But maybe the team could go without Katy Smith’s football tackle on Jerecki.

Not much else to say but that I’m very excited for this season. Now if you will excuse, I have to go pick up my jaw they made me drop.

-Kyle Potts



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