The Big League

After Tuesday night’s game against George Washington, Chaparral took their fourth straight loss and are now winless when it comes to playing in a Chaparral gymnasium. However, a huge 13 point victory over Hinkley might just be the spark they needed. The now (3-10) Wolverines have struggled but their last win is a glimmer of hope. Still, with a loss in a must win game against Liberty and a dismal performance at home, you could say they’ve had some problems when it comes to playing in Parker.

But fear not! Because league play is starting up, and with some big wins and a little luck Chaparral could be headed to their 7th consecutive year. You’re probably thinking two things can happen,

1. We get crushed- Which is something that can end up being a likely possibility. 3 of the 5 starters on varsity are freshmen. For the past eight weeks they’ve been playing their first high school games against some of the best teams in the state. Teams Chaparral struggled beating last year with a complete team of seniors.

2. We win and go to the playoffs- Okay, maybe this seems a bit out of reach but i mean it’s possible. I may be a bit of an optimist but I can see Chaparral pushing their way to a playoff spot. Even with a 3-10 record the Wolverines can get a playoff berth with a 7-3 record in league play. With 5 games at home and with a win last game against Hinkley, they’ll have some momentum assuming they can beat a weakened Highlands Ranch team when playing at home.

Chaparral has had arguably one of the toughest schedule compared with teams in the Continental league.  It won’t be easy but it is possible. If Chaparral can find a way to shake their winless record at home, this Chaparral crowd and an offense that is proving to get better. The offense is becoming more efficient, and this zone defense is starting to pay off.

-Kyle Potts

The Big League

A Statement Being Made

Chaparral women’s basketball is back on a roll and ready to make a pounce for the second spot in the Continental League. The Wolverines are now 7-3 and with two straight games with more than 65 points and wins that have come off of 25+ point victory margins.

It’s pretty clear that the Wolverines have something to prove with both of the opponents thy just blew out. Needless to say that they have a chip on their shoulder. After December 9th of last year, Chaparral increased to an outstanding 5-0. Undefeated and ranked 3rd in the state, this looked like the team to beat. However, a tough loss to 7-3 Mullen in double overtime sparked a downward spiral that dug this team farther down the Colorado rankings. Maybe it was that odd snow day??? That definitely threw me off.

Two straight losses came after that. A loss to the 9-2 Rampart Rams, who are first in their division, and a 6 point defeat to the 9-2 Poudre Impalas. Whom of which are the 5th best team in the state. Now looking at it, Chaparral lost those 3 games to teams that are over .700 this season. Two of those teams are top in their division.

You’re probably going to hate me for saying this, but new year meant new team. By ending their 3 game skid with a much needed victory against Grand Junction, Chaparral went on to blow out Far Northeast by 53 points! The first win of 2016 which was followed by a 29 point margin win on Friday against Denver East.

Every win since that fault in December has been a statement. The Wolverines are hot once again and playing with a chip on their shoulder. They want to be back on top as they were a month ago. And it looks like they might. The game against Far Northeast shows that this team should be looked at closely. Especially with Rachel Nelson’s eight 3 pointers. The game in Denver East could have been a larger victory but with three players, Margaux Bess, Shelby Hawkins, Rachel Nelson, they came out with an easy win. Despite a record breaking 38 total team fouls. Most by any Chaparral basketball squad.

Now 7-3 and about to play against two teams under .500 before taking on one of the strongest teams in the state in Highlands Ranch whom are the 50th best team in the United States. That game is January, 19th. Watch that game only on CBN.

-Kyle Potts

A Statement Being Made

The Top Exciting 5 Games of 2015

By Kyle Potts

1.Legend vs. Chaparral (Men’s Basketball)
Nothing beats the Crosstown throw down. Nothing. There’s always something about this game. This year it was at Legend but that didn’t mean that the home crowd didn’t show up. It may have been about a 10 point loss but the game was close until 5:30 was left in the fourth. It was neck and neck until then, with the most crowded arena they’ve ever had (surprisingly it most Chap fans…). Both were competing for good playoff position making it that much more special. Two heavy weights battling out for bragging rights, playoff position, and the pride of Parker. Undoubtedly the #1 game of the year. IMG_1651

2.Denver East vs. Chaparral (Volleyball)
A battle that went to a fifth set. It’s always a different game when you’re fighting to stay alive. If Chap lost this game they were out of the playoffs. And they didn’t let that happen! A close contender for the top game of the year, but the fact that makes it a playoff game, makes it that much more special. Each set besides the third was decided by less than 5 points. Chap went up 2-0 but eventually lost two straight making it tied at 2-2 going into the fifth. After 28 nail biting serves, the Chaparral girls came out victorious. The 3rd seeded team in the state proved their dominance. Everyone stepped up that game. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER! That what made it so fun to watch, making it the second most exciting game of the year.

3.Mullen vs. Chaparral (Women’s Basketball)
One of the biggest upsets of the year! For Mullen unfortunately… Still doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting. Chaparral was the favor in this matchup and lead with a commanding lead in the 1st quarter which was chipped away at in the final minutes of the 2nd and 3rd quarter. From the middle of the third until the final moments of double overtime it was neck and neck. Even with a total of 8:00 minutes of play, both teams couldn’t find continuous success against defenses that have proven to be dominate. A lot of missed shots and costly turnovers got Mullen the unexpected victory  56-52 taking down the 3rd ranked team in the state. IMG_1652

4.Castle View vs. Chaparral
Chaparral was without a doubt the better team. We all knew it going into the game. Sportscaster Vic Lombardi even said, “This game is over before it started”, but clearly it wasn’t… Castle View really gave the Wolverines a run for their money. The Sabercats went on a tremendous 14-0 run in the first half. But Taiden Blaise and and his offense went out swinging. With 7:30 left in the 2nd quarter, the Wolverines went on a 11-0 run to end the first half. Whether it was the relentless blitz or he onslaught displayed through the passing game, something got to the Sabercats. The coach definitely made some good halftime adjustments and went back up by 10. And yet again Chap tied it up. With less than 3:00 to go in the 4th quarter and down by 3, Chaparral drove down the field and scored what would be the game winning touchdown. Castle View couldn’t respond and Chap won 28-24. Vic Lombardi made a bet before the game that if Castle View won, then he’d go a month without hair product. He would’ve probably pulled out his hair if they won.IMG_1645

5. Legend vs. Chaparral (Football)
Sometimes rivalry games make the best games. Wait, what am I saying, they’re always the best kind of games! Legend came into this game with a 3-1 record in league play. Chaparral went 2-2. At that point Legend was leading over Chaparral in the standings. And with a win in their own stadium against a decently ranked team, Legend could clinch a playoff berth. But Chaparral couldn’t let that happen. Even as the home team, there were definitely more Wolverines than Titans. A close game may have been decided by the rowdiness of the Away Fans. A game that went down to the wire that was emotional on the Chaparral bench and in the stands. Especially with the twitter drama sparking the fire. Way to go Twitter!


The Top Exciting 5 Games of 2015


Wow………I’m just speechless right now. The Chaparral girls took a whomping 55-38 victory, yesterday over Chatfield. I’m speechless to say the least. The girls took a big 18-7 lead at the end of the first and it didn’t stop there. Everything seemed to work well for the team. The only problem I had were some questionable passes and some unnecessary turnovers. But besides that the team was playing great! It was just great team basketball. Everything well fundamentally done and it looked like true basketball.

Honestly, Chatfield had no chance beating this team. And especially in their home gym. Every girl was on it last night and providing huge plays that helped the team continue on to 4-0.

There’s a reason why this team is 4-0, and that’s because the 5 girls on the floor work as a well oiled machine. Passing seems to be a lost art in the game but tonight it was the deciding factor in how well this offense could produce points. As past Soviet hockey coach said, Anatoli Tarasov believed in, i”t’s not the player with the puck/ball that decides where it is going.” That’s the style of basketball needed to be successful. Ball movement works only when players without the ball are moving.

With another triumphant victory, there’s no doubt that this is the team to watch. Second ranked in the state and they’re only getting started. And plus, they look like they’re all having fun! You can’t help but seeing Emma Hayden’s huge smile seen every time she runs down the floor. And who wouldn’t be happy with Margaux Bess’ 17 rebounds! But maybe the team could go without Katy Smith’s football tackle on Jerecki.

Not much else to say but that I’m very excited for this season. Now if you will excuse, I have to go pick up my jaw they made me drop.

-Kyle Potts



Slow Start, Hard Finish

At the end of tonight’s game, you couldn’t help but trying to avoid looking at the scoreboard that said 64-44. Fair view played a great game and had an inspiring comeback from a 9 points deficit at halftime that turned into a huge victory. But what about our boys? As a fan of the game and of the Wolverines, I couldn’t help but cringe as well as reluctantly applaud at Frank Ryder’s ally-oop. Chaparral just didn’t shoot well and missed a lot of free throws.

People then quickly asked me if this team was going to struggle this year. But I shake my head at that question. One game does not define a team. One game does not show the future of our season. This is a new team, with four months left to improve. This is a team that lost an All-Star lineup last year and switched coaches over the off-season. With a young team, new players, and a new coach, its hard not to have a rocky start to the season. These things take time to get into a rhythm. All this game looks like is an opportunity to learn from. They’re learning their strengths and weaknesses, and with that they only get better. But with that being said this could be a team just as good or even better than the one we witnessed the previous season.

As Vic Lombardi told me,”stats are for losers,” so, let’s take a quick look away from the stat sheet, Chaparral played a very good game. They may have lost by an unfortunate amount but they hustled their butts off. Not only did they hustle but they played with a type of fire and passion you never see these days. The biggest surprise was how well they guarded Frank Ryder. The dude was a giant and he played like one, but for 20 minutes of that game he wasn’t even a factor. The biggest guy on Chap is Ian Waltz who stands at a towering 6’7″. They had three guys taller than him on Fair View! Yet for the first half, Chap controlled the paint. Chap! They shut down one of the biggest guys I’ve ever seen. They held him to 10 points and single digit rebounds. A guy that size should be getting every rebound possibly. But he didn’t. He had very few open looks and was boxed out very well. I mean have you ever guarded someone that’s 6’10”? Well it’s pretty damn hard! Well I’m assuming. But you don’t see that on a stat sheet but it should be highly regarded.

The talent is there, Coach Truesdale is doing a fabulous job, but it comes with time. And it’s still early. I know this team can make it. With more time to figure themselves out, there’s no doubt they’ll be above .500 by the middle of January. This team looked strong tonight. Don’t look at the scoreboard. Look at how they played. They played with heart. They played with some swagger. Every loose ball it seemed like they jumped right on top of it. Every steal became a fast break. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they tired themselves out because they ran a ton! More than I ever did in my cross-country days it seemed. Also they’re defense shut down the tallest dude I’ve ever seen. Ultimately what really matters is the last game of the season. And with the passion and effort this team played with tonight, that last game in the season will likely be in the Denver Coliseum.  *Knocks on wood*

-Kyle Potts




Slow Start, Hard Finish